Mare Cognitum - Luminiferous Aether

Intent. Intent is the esoteric force, a passion to reach the desired and to obtain the primordial essence. A common occurrence in black metal is the intent and longing for the spiritual; the intent to grasp that which is not material; that which is inconceivable. The spiritual craving is not to be met solely in art, and to our occasion, music, but music has the ability to push the listener into transcendence through the towering patterns of notes and the instrumentation of parts that create an entity of conscious expression. Music can offer glimpses of that, and if we generalize it, art can offer a window to the unattained. But music is a product of material mechanisms and can, therefore, create only experiences. The sound of notes placed in patterns that stir emotions, thoughts, visualizations show only fragments, sparks of the immaterial that, for a brief moment in time, collide and create meaning; a meaning that appeases the hunger for the divine. Is this hunger evident in Luminiferous Aether; Yes it is.

“It is not enough to conquer the soul. It is the beginning”. A lyric that sums up the album in a few words. Luminiferous Aether is the departure; the beginning of the exploration and a statement of intent for the divine, coming from the heart of the sole member that appears under the name Mare Cognitum, Jacob Buczarski. Every album is a step further inside him that comes to us through the creation of music, and where Phobos Monolith and An Extraconscious Lucidity forged the map of what is to be reached and what is to come, through beautiful melodies, awe inspiring instrumentation and lyrics of wandering into the cosmos, Luminiferous Aether walks the same path but speaks in cruel tongues. The battle has begun and the wanderer is no longer innocent, nor is he a child. He is now a warrior that has to move beyond what he holds dear. His sword are the lead melodies that spread into the blackness of the void, the voice is the embodiment of despair and of hopelessness, the drums are the pounding on the ground and the controller of pace, sometimes holding the ambience of peace with sparse and gentle hits and other times hitting with passion, anger and self-destructive wrath and the lyrics are the written statement, found in ancient plaques, buried underneath mountainous creations on planets yet undiscovered by humans. They speak of this fight, they speak of this war, they speak of the eternal struggle of man to know God.

The album is being built like a terrace mountain, with each terrace bringing us closer to the chaos that is unraveling above. Us, the listeners, like pilgrims and travelers, follow the path, ascending higher with each step while the music that emanates from this mountain, becomes denser and thicker. It vibrates and hits us with cosmic waves. It bursts into guitar melodies and swirling leads as cosmic storms, while the priest in a trance screams of the collapse of time.

“Ignorantly striving higher
Higher to the serpent sun
Corrosive plagues afflicting further
Ruminate the deluge of sin
Nothing can be questioned
And nothing can be seen
Corruption festers from within
Blinding with the warmest light
Revealing rifts corroding in the deep
Burying the withered aeons of the past”

Yet, we know that the final terrace is meant to be conquered and so the journey continues. The ascending is a self-immolating process and only those with the intent to wither away may reach it. We came across our former selves on occultated temporal dimensions, where time becomes our flesh and our flesh became the vapor, the breath of surging death. The decision has been made and the fourth song, “Occultated Temporal Dimensions” is the result of this pure intent. It is the highest and most brutal achievement of Mare Cognitum.

The final terrace is calm, open, and wide, with a southing wind that plays with our fingers and becomes the fabric of beautiful melodies. Guitars that speak of the beauty of the divine, as we stand in awe. “The splendor here has no end” the preacher says. “It is a pure creation. Lucid and unfettered, bearing the aether wind, lifted into glorious chaos.”

Jacob has materialized everything that was being expressed through his previous albums and Luminiferous Aether is his most complete, both in instrumentation and lyrics, work, but also his most difficult to approach. It is a work of maturity, which signals a new path.

Recommended Track: Occultated Temporal Dimensions


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