Bloodway - Mapping The Moment With The Logic Of Dreams - Review

Bloodway are unique, which by itself means a lot and nothing at all. With an EP and their first full length, ‘Mapping The Moment With The Logic Of Dreams’, they invite us into their world. If I would classify them I’d say that they are moving seamlessly, between Impressionism and Surrealism and if you are wondering why I made this general classification and not just say what specific genre of metal/rock they belong to, it’s because they don’t. Instead, some references could be helpful. Do you know the general aesthetic of Ved Buens Ende, Virus and Beyond Dawn? It’s similar, but not quite. It has a punk/rock feeling to it, but not quite. Bloodway play Bloodway.

The bass plays an equally important role with the guitar, while the drums are keeping steady and simple rhythms. The music alone, devoid of the voice, is intriguing and attractive to the listener, if said listener likes his music to be weird. If you add to the mix the even weirder vocal delivery, then you have in your hands a unique album. The voice can be divisive. It may or may not appeal to the listener. It’s rasped and shrilled and it could make someone cringe. It’s just how Costin Chioreanu sings.

Along with the lyrics, the whole entity titled ‘Mapping The Moment With The Logic Of Dreams’ is filled with the clear but abnormal imagery of a man that expresses existential questions; moving into his distorted memories along with the development of each song. They feel like the dreams of a warped world. The buildings have aphysical architecture and the people are designed by a paradoxical god. An arm here and a leg there, let’s put a mouth in the sky and sing with blood about the nature of man; let’s contemplate on the relation of nature with human and on the relation of people: “When you’ll color your heights, blue as the sky, I’ll be a piece of you, garden. Would we live without time?” I do not know that garden or the symbolism, but it feels logically placed. Seeing and listening and feeling ‘Mapping…’ nothing really seems out of place. It’s weird, it is self-conscious, it sings of a deer, the prince of the kingdom of fear; it sings of the temple of screams and of the chant of sailors, lost at the edge of dawn; and it is absolutely normal.

The song structure is cohesive, easy to access, simple and punkish; it has hooks that can make you sing along with him; the aesthetics are weird and attractive, a foreign world where I am just a visitor. And maybe, if you go there, somewhere in this twilight lit world, you will meet a man, standing in the mirror and you will ask him: “Who I am?” and the man will respond: “I have no name, I am a dream. My path is magic and this is my sin.”

And what a peculiar dream it is. Listen and go there. You might like it. I found it to be an interesting world filled with wonder, but far away from my heart. It is music that plays in different planes and it flows in different veins, but I will be visiting this place and whatever may come from Bloodway in the future.

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