Aosoth/Order Of Orias - Split - Review

Aosoth have released two split Ep’s and an Ep in the last few months. The first split is with American black metal band Kommandant and it contains a song entitled “Appendix A”. Their second split is with Order Of Orias, an Australian black metal band and it contains the song “Appendix B”. The last release is their EP entitled ‘IV’, which is part of the title of their last full length, “IV: Arrow In Heart”. It contains the song “Appendix C” and “Broken Dialogue” which is the third part of the two songs, “Broken Dialogue I and II” form “Arrow”. The band released a statement, considering these three releases being the bridge between ‘Arrow’ and their next full length.

I have at my hands the split with Order Of Orias.

“Appendix B” continues the sound of “Arrow”. Their satanic black metal, even though it is darker than the dark and suffocating, is accessible. A ten minute song develops around a core theme of dissonant riffing that expands into different themes making it feel mostly as a narration of the singer and the music being built around it. Like a priest of darkness that preaches the word of Satan. Twisting, revolting and at times ritualistic “Appendix B” is a deeply engrossing song. Mystical, magical, esoteric, dark. Perfect for the deviant listener.

“Ruinous Hope” is Order of Orias’s expression of the darkness. Their approach is more straightforward and aggressive and it expands for 14 minutes. The song has themes that come together, developing into something that feels like a collection of different songs; the same way that a story has different plots developing while being part of the same continuous narrative. The lead guitars work as layers and from within them the riffs arise. The voice is on top and, from what I understand; the lyrics are… well, you know, LUCIFER. The last four minutes tend to be doomy/drony/ambienty and just stretches the song. It wouldn’t do damage if it was shorter.

Nice split. I like it. 

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