Tempel – “The Moon Lit Our Path” - song released

Tempel is a dynamic duo that plays instrumetal (instrumental metal). In January of 2014 they released their debut album, "On the steps of the temple" and those with a refined nose, listened to one of the most thick and tight riffocentric albums of the underground, in recent years.

With a sound that brings to mind the early works of Pelican and other simirlar bands, they build structures of sound and create atmospheres with a deep sentimetnal value. Like the wind that blows through the ruins of ancient civilizations. This type of music, that relies solely on music, is risky for any band that decides to take that path and Tempel succeed with artistic ease.

Their new song, "Carvings in the door", from their latest album "The Moon Lit Our Path", scheduled for release in the mid of June, is a warm summer cloud of exploration, with the riff developing steadilly, taking the listener to new landscapes, unseen at first but slowly revealed and the lead melodicism that is hidden within it, never escapping the strict boundaries that the drums are creating, is the fuel that makes this journey feel relaxed. The drums are doing all the earthly work, grounding the song and making it feel lively. This song is a biological organism with great narrative abillities. I can't wait to be exposed to the whole album.

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