It still amazes me how vibrant and variant the greek metal scene is. I have put some thought into it, as to find out what are the reasons that lead people to express them selves through art. My conclusions are probably false, since I've only used my critical thinking and haven't done any real discussion with artists on this matter. Primarily, I believe that we, the greeks, have an inherent need to express ourselves against our dark history. Both in wider scope and in a more narrow and closer to our time.

Difficulties, wether they are economic, national, geographical, political, lead those who suffer to a crossroad. On the one hand there is submission and on the other you have resistance. This resistance always begins from the inside, psychologically, as an internal struggle that slowly becomes greater. When it is expressed, the means that are used differ, depending on the individual and of course the cultural background.

Art is a common but a unique medium of expression. The leading forces that layed the foundations of the greek metal scene are, of course, known internationally to everyone who has an interest and a love for the extreme music. From 'Rotting Christ', 'Necromantia', 'Varathron', the greek black metal, or hellenic black metal to some, was created. Then came a number of other bands and to these days one can only be amazed by the vibrancy and artistic consistnency of the scene.

'Katavasia' is a collaboration between members of four bands that are currently active and have released in 2014, and one in 2013, albums that were well accepted by metallers worldwide. Here is the list of bands and albums of 2014 (along with links to their bandcamp page) and I strongly encourage you to listen to:

Now, 'Katavasia' will officially release their full length in March 15 and by now have three songs available for streaming through their bandcamp page. As the band describes their sound: 

'Katavasia is a unique evil Greek alliance including members of well known occult act Varathron, prog blacksters Aenaon, gloomy doomsters Agnes Vein & psychedelic masters Hail Spirit Noir.
Katavasia's sound is based in original 90s Greek BM. The Mediterranean dark spirits are revived through the unique heavy metal chants and the unholy epic riffs.'

In these three songs one can listen to the well known riffs and leading melodies of the greek black metal scene, the atmosphere of ancient times and the harsh magisterial vocal performance combined in a familiar and very satisfying sound. Keep in touch.

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