Polyptych - Illusorium - Review

My days alone were difficult, but the initiation demands from any aspiring mason to have patience, which I regard as a virtue. It’s not that I wasn’t ready for the acceptance, which I wasn’t, but the overwhelming feeling that covered my body, from head to toe, made me shake like I was stranded naked in a blizzard.

Then again, commitment demands sacrifices and my faith was my only weapon. I set to become god among men and I was ready to pay the price. I was called and I never knew why until the last days came. I am of this earth no longer, among you but not with you, with freedom beneath me and misery above me.

My ego, the last enemy, the one that is falsely called God, is now dead inside me and with me. I asked and I received, not without a fight I must confess, infinite power. Thick walls, obscurely constructed with ancient brown stones of death metal, collapsed onto me and with fear for my descent, I climbed through the crumbles to find clarity and redemption written within these now fallen halls. I am no longer doomed to rot in a dominion of unbound misery.

I looked up and saw the sky reflecting my lost innocence. Behind me the black shores widening my view of what was once my eternal torment and before me the white shores waiting to baptize my soul and free me from all hope. I may be doomed to silence, with only my soliloquy as an illusory friend but I have accepted my aloneness as the fate of all gods.

Now, alone but not isolated, I raise my hands and build with my mind and the fire burning inside me, structures of blackened noise that permeate the ground. I may be a young mason, a god of creation, but I have in my hands the sphere of knowledge. Away from the sun and into the dark, a keeper of integrity and virtue, with this sphere only rewarded in death, I summon those who still defy me. I will crush thee, thy essence with my black heart and my black body, resembling death as I reach my hands into your ears and rip along with your last breath, your nihilistic auras. Inhale my darkness as I breathe it unto thee.

Bombarding massive mountains of dead bodies, orchestrating like a supreme majesty of chaos, the music of the end of times, I open myself to the boundless infinity. The struggle is not over, but I see with the eye of the cosmos that neither the death, nor the birth of unholy souls can stand in front of me without awe. I built my throne. I pave my own path. I am free. The dead have risen and I face them alone, as they welcome me to join them with a frozen and lifeless embrace and I feel nothing other than my body collapsing to dust. I am Polyptych. I am illusive. I am a strong and thick maze of destroyed hopes and deteriorated dreams. I am my hollow endeavors as I received help from none. This world I am destroying and this world I am rebuilding. I am the sacrifice of man.

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